Tribe Yala

The Wild Experience

Tribe Yala is the ideal place to experience an unforgettable safari adventure of a lifetime. Travel to a National Park of your choosing, such as Bundala, Lunugamvehera, Ussangoda, or Yala, which are all within driving distance. Our chefs will prepare and pack a delicious lunch along with refreshing beverages for you if you’re on a full-day safari.

The wild thrills of Yala and its surroundings are among the most exhilarating. While vacationing at Tribe Yala, you may choose from a range of exciting activities. If you have any specific ideas, please let us know and we’ll try our best to make them a reality. Experiencing camping will inspire you to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. At Tribe Yala, you can learn the basics of camping while participating in a variety of activities led by our team of seasoned camping professionals. To enjoy camping, you and your friends must be able to filter water, build a fire, weather the elements, and be alone with your thoughts.

You will not only improve your survival abilities, but also gain confidence and self-worth that you can use in other areas of your life. Our camping experience motivates children to create their own adventures and memories by teaching them how to pitch a tent, start a fire safely, identify animals and birds, and explore.
Our drives come with your very own wild life ranger to provide you with the ultimate safari experience that includes sharing information of the wild life habitat and heritage Yala has to offer.

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Yala in the coastal region of Sri Lanka is very well known for its variety of wild animals, Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lanka leopards, and aquatic birds. Yala was delegated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and along with Wilpattu was one of the national parks in Sri Lanka and was designated in the year 1938. Since then Yala has been home to natural habitat, vegetation, and various species of birds for so many years. People from all over come to visit Yala for its tented lodge, Safari experiences, and camping sites. …

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