Tribe Yala

About us

About Us

Our Story

Over the years, we’ve seen that adventure tourism with a strong emphasis on sustainability has grown more popular. Based on this, we intended to build a jungle retreat where travelers can feel the pure spirit of nature while being pampered in luxury. As a result, Tribe Yala was founded. We chose to be surrounded by the leopards’ empire and watched over by the animals of the wilderness in order to provide our visitors with a jungle-inspired, culturally authentic, and elegantly furnished experience, all within the privacy of the wild.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To providing an memorable and luxurious camping experience where all the hassles are set aside. A place where you can spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

We believe that connection with nature is the most beneficial experience a person can have for his or her own soul. That’s why we strive to provide our visitors the finest possible experience.


Our crew is always willing to assist and provide advice in order to ensure that our cherished visitors’ stay in this beautiful region of Sri Lanka is a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Sustainability measures

Our Commitment to Nature

The foundation of Tribe Yala is based on a deep respect for wildlife and a commitment to support it and the surrounding communities. No one in Tribe Yala just talks about conservation; it's our motto for life. We are honored to be associated with the Yala National Park, one of Sri Lanka's most renowned national parks. In terms of the future of tourism, we believe in approaches that encourage sustainable and healthy lifestyles and environments. Our tent designs are influenced and made with environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced materials with minimal impact to nature.

We do our best to support leopard conservation and research where we have partnered up with conservation organizations and set up track cameras to study animal movement around the property. Tribe Yala prohibits any activities that threaten the Yala ecosystem, including poaching, night safari drives, and littering. We maintain these guidelines because we wish for you to respect the privacy and lives of the wildlife, just as we do.

Contributing to the Local Community

The crew members at Tribe Yala were carefully selected from the surrounding community to empower the society by creating job opportunities for them as well as from other areas of the nation.

Authentic ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, and other necessities are given by vendors from our cherished local communities. Our safari guides and drivers were carefully selected based on their talents, years of experience, and extensive knowledge of the wildlife history and geology of the world-renowned Yala National Park.

We undertake educational programmes at the local schools every year to teach the children about the natural world, including the animals and plants present in Yala. So long as they have completed their schooling and are interested in becoming a wildlife expert, they can apply for our training programmes.

Plastic Water Bottle Elimination

The use of all types of plastic is reduced to the greatest extent possible. However, when plastic items are utilized in certain conditions, the surplus trash is reduced and disposed of in an appropriate manner. To us, preserving and conserving the environment around Tribe Yala is of utmost significance since we care profoundly about our environment and aim to do the best we can for it at all times. As part of our efforts to reduce the use of plastics in packaging, we seek out and purchase recycled plastic, manufacture products and packaging only of recyclable plastic, and work closely with suppliers and distributors that share our beliefs.

Waste Control

In order to ensure that our visitors have a memorable glamping experience that is filled with wonderful memories, we place a high value on keeping Tribe Yala's surroundings clean and free of litter.

Through an agreement with the surrounding villages, all litter is removed and disposed of in a systematic way outside of the camping areas. In order to prevent circumstances that might be harmful to geological ecosystems, waste is stored and secured at the camp each night. We also place a high value on minimizing the usage of stationery items to the greatest extent possible.

Organic Garden

A unique initiative implemented at Tribe Yala is our organic vegetable garden where we grow local vegetables and use them to prepare some delectable dishes for our guests. We cultivate organic vegetables that are packed with fresh flavor and all natural goodness.

While you are here, we encourage you to take part in the farm activities that we have to learn about the land and the food it provides us. Take a tasting tour and get a good overview of our farm and the opportunity to try some of locally produced vegetables. Make sure to sign up for a cooking demonstration with one of our artisans to learn their techniques of transforming local bounty into a culinary delight.

Use of Solar Energy and Biogas

Tribe Yala uses biogas and solar power for cooking and staff usage as the first phase of the tribe sustainability program. Our kitchen is fueled entirely by sustainable means, including stoves fueled by biogas generated from our onsite biogas digester.

The digester, which includes a heating jacket with a dedicated solar array, not only produces a CH4-rich gas which is used in kitchen stoves to prepare meals, but also a sludge which is used as a soil enhancer in our gardens. With sustainability and an environmentally conscious mindset, we hope to fully operate using renewable energy in the future.