Tribe Yala


Experiences at Tribe Yala

Across the five sectors of Yala National Park, we are gifted with a diversity of habitat, ecology, and landscape. As a mission, we want to exhibit the entire diversity of nature, from our geology, our flora richness to our wild creatures. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

It is not unusual to come upon the ruins of old civilizations, as well as ancient jungle monasteries, archaeological sites, and places of worship, hidden away in the dense forests of our nearby national parks.

Parks, Parks and More Parks

Tribe Yala is the ideal place to experience an unforgettable safari adventure of a lifetime. Travel to a National Park of your choosing, such as Bundala, Lunugamvehera, Ussangoda, or Yala, which are all within driving distance.

Our chefs will prepare and pack a delicious lunch along with refreshing beverages for you if you're on a full-day safari. The wild thrills of Yala and its surroundings are among the most exhilarating. While vacationing at Tribe Yala, you may choose from a range of exciting activities.If you have any specific ideas, please let us know and we'll try our best to make them a reality. Experiencing camping will inspire you to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.

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At Tribe Yala, you can learn the basics of camping while participating in a variety of activities led by our team of seasoned camping professionals. To enjoy camping, you and your friends must be able to filter water, build a fire, weather the elements, and be alone with your thoughts. You will not only improve your survival abilities, but also gain confidence and self-worth that you can use in other areas of your life. Our camping experience motivates children to create their own adventures and memories by teaching them how to pitch a tent, start a fire safely, identify animals and birds, and explore. Our drives come with your very own wild life ranger to provide you with the ultimate safari experience that includes sharing information of the wild life habitat and heritage Yala has to offer.

Religious and Cultural Experiences

The district of Yala is a famous vacationer location, basically due to the Yala and Kumana National Parks which offer incredible untamed life safari encounters. Be that as it may, the locale, situated in the South East of Sri Lanka, brings considerably more to the table, particularly for the people who are fascinated by history and culture.

Take a stroll among ancient monuments and immerse yourself in history at some of Sri Lanka's most important historical sites. Some of the most visited sites with rich religious and cultural heritage are Sithulpawwa , Kirinda Temple and Katharagama sites. These sites are filled with ancient art and history that describe about how the ancient civilizations lived in Yala.

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Founded in the 2nd century BC, Sithulpawwa is a Buddhist monastery located in Yala National Park. The monastery is set in the midst of rock outcrops and caves. In and around the complex, monks are said to have lived and studied for years in hundreds of grottoes and shelters. Because of its secluded location and serene atmosphere, the monastery was formerly known as “Hill of the Quiet Mind.” The woodland below is bathed in a golden glow, and the cool air is filled with the chirping of birds as they prepare for the night.

Kirinda temple

The temple of Kririnda is situated on the peak of a rocky mountain, close to Sri Lanka’s southern shore. Because of its geographical position, this temple provides a breathtaking view of the desolate shore, sandy beaches, and the ocean beyond. It is well-known as a spectacular year-round destination for pilgrims, vacationers, and naturalists because of its stunning beauty and rich history.


Kataragama is a Buddhist temple complex dedicated to the “Kataragama deviyo” and the Hindu battle deity Kathirkamam. It is a holy site for Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Veddas in Sri Lanka. Every year in the middle, the Kataragama festival brings together people from all backgrounds of life. Any time, travelers to Kataragama can go there, led by yala tribe personnel who can educate them about the layout, history, traditions, and rituals.

In the Tree House

From the comfort of our tree house, which is nestled away on the border of Yala National Park and situated far above the canopy of the forest, you can take in the breathtaking view of the sun rising or setting.

Also, you can feel the cool and refreshing air flowing through the leaves of the trees. From the lush forest to the crystal blue sea, every part of the scenery can be viewed in one panoramic perspective, even the sky. The tree house, which is elegantly decorated with antiques and natural artifacts and is tucked amid the trees, is the ideal place for a peaceful retreat.

A Memorable Dining Experience in the Wild

Imagine yourself dining in an exotic and tropical location, surrounded by lush greenery and magnificent tropical flora, with a star-studded night sky. There's no one else around; just you and your loved one in nature. During your stay, a private gourmet chef will prepare a delightful dinner for you and your partner.

One of Sri Lanka's most scenic locations, a romantic meal, is what you're most looking forward to.It will undoubtedly be a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Our tree house, perched high above the forest canopy, offers a spectacular view of the sun rising or setting. You can also feel the cool, invigorating breeze through the trees' leaves.

From the verdant forest to the crystal blue sea, even the sky can be seen in one panoramic view. The tree home is a tranquil refuge, stylishly adorned with antiques and natural treasures.

Taking a Nature Stroll

Take a stroll through the wild forest walkways while taking in the magnificent landscape that surrounds the camp site where you have the option to choose to go in the morning or evening.

With every stride you take over the expansive lush landscape expect to be amazed as you come upon one of mother nature's cherished wonders after another. It's a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that puts you up close and personal with the untamed realm of animals in the wild. Whether you're a longtime nature devotee or a first-time camper, if you come here with an open mind and a desire to discover and learn, you'll leave with a newfound appreciation for what life has to offer.

To guarantee your safety and pleasure, each walk is accompanied by one of our safari experts who are knowledgeable about the area and its fascinating sights. During our 1 hour nature strolls, our seasoned rangers will guide you into the depths of a nearby historical cave, where you will hear about its rich history and the treasures it once held.

Cruising down the Lake

Take a boat ride through the Yoda Kandiya Lake or the Tissa Lake and learn about the continual processes as well as the historical relevance of the lakes in which they are located.

Take a deep breath and let yourself be whisked away by the rushing river as you talk with the lush flora and the soothing sounds of nature. To take in the fresh air, to feast your eyes on the bright colors of green and blue - this is what life is all about. Being outside in nature has a great impact on the body, the mind, and the spirit in several ways.

Dinner at Kirinda Beach

Celebrate your love in a place where paradise and timeless romance blend in perfect harmony. As the sun sets into the Indian Ocean, enter the dreamlike atmosphere of romance with candlelight and romantic settings. Indulge in exquisite cuisines from all over Sri Lankan, Asia or our Western creations, served with the freshest ingredients.

Indulge your senses in a translucent paradise as spectacular waves cascade on the coast and a constellation of stars illuminate the night sky. Creatures of the night make their way into the night, adding elements of mystery and wonder to your visit, and just as you begin to relax and get immersed in your surroundings, dinner, prepared from our masterfully crafted cuisine, is brought to your table to complete your evening.

Chena Lunch Experience

Chena is a method of agriculture that makes the most of the monsoon seasons every year. This farming method dates back to the early tribal communities of the island, millennia ago. Once you get to the village you will be meeting up with a local farmer, who will be taking you around the fields. He will explain how chena plantation occurs and the seasons of planting. You will be learning more about the monsoons and the crops that are planted during chena plantation.

Using the monsoon seasons to its full advantage, chena farming has been practiced for thousands of years across the Indian subcontinent. This kind of farming has been practiced on the island from its earliest days by the island's indigenous tribes. It's a rewarding and educational experience that helps you better understand the local cultural aspects. Over a delicious chena lunch, you'll get the chance to get to know more about the Chena cultivation and its fascinating history.

Dining in the Jungle and BBQ

After a day of exploring the huge terrains, relax outdoors with the night sky above you and the wildlife of the region about you for dinner, and let us refresh you with a great and substantial meal as the stars shine over you.

Enjoy your dinner while basking in the natural magnificence of the forest, due to our elegantly designed cuisine, which blends contemporary and traditional tastes and textures to create a unique dining experience in the forest. The finest gourmet specialties will be prepared for you by our team of expert chefs. Each and every one of your culinary desires will be gratified by a menu that comprises delicacies from both inside the country and from all over the globe.