Super Luxury Tent

The Tusker

Yala’s most renowned and notorious tusker, Gemunu, was born in Yala National Park in 1991 and was named after King Dutugemunu, the great ruler. On the night of August 17, 2013, Gemunu was wounded by an unknown person or persons. After a clash with a notorious tusker called Sando, the tusker Gemunu lost his first tusk in February 2018 near Koma Wewa, Handunoruwa region.

Gemunu lost his last tusk in a fight with another tusker known as Nandimthra, who is a frequent visitor to Yala and hails from the forests of the Sithulpawwa region. Now he roams the Yala grasslands, where he is famed for being tuskless.

The inspiration for our Super Luxury Tent stems from this magnificent species to convey an atmosphere of prosperity, peace, and royalty.