Luxury Tents


The spot-bellied eagle-owl, commonly known as the forest eagle-owl, is a huge bird of prey with a dominating presence. The Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia are home to this forest-dwelling species, which can also be found in Sri Lanka.

It is said that in Sri Lankan legend, the woman whose husband murdered their child, went berserk and killed herself in the jungle. The gods changed her after she died into a creature known as the “Ulama,” or “Devil bird,” whose blood-curdling, human-sounding scream in the distant foretells that something dreadful is about to happen. Being around 21 inches (53 cm) long, the owl features heart-shaped markings and conspicuous black-and-white ear tufts, giving a really spooky look. People who are afraid of it, on the other hand, should not be concerned since it exclusively feeds game birds, reptiles, and fish.

This mystical bird represented the concept of our tent, which was designed to induce feelings of spirituality, tranquility, and solitude in those who enter its interior.


The Crested Hawk Eagle, sometimes known as the Changeable Hawk Eagle, is a huge predatory bird. They are known as agile forest predators, and like many eagles, they can easily pick between birds, mammals, and reptiles as well as other types of animals as their prey when they hunt. Among the members of its genus, the changeable hawk-eagle stands out as the most extensively dispersed, adaptable, and numerous species. The term “changeable” is derived from the fact that its subspecies can take on either a pale or a dark coloration. 

One of our fully-furnished luxury tents is named after this creature in an effort to infuse a sense of transcendence into the experience.