Tribe Yala

Accommodation Types

Super Luxury

This tent was names after Yala’s most renowned and notorious tusker, Gemunu. The wildlife species of elephants have inspired the name of our Super Luxury Tent to convey a sense of grandeur. This tent also comes with your very own private tree house with a 360 view of the jungle next-door. You can also request for special dining facility where our staff will arrange a private dining session for you and your loved ones. It comes with a private plunge pool that is ideal for cooling down after a long day of wildlife watching or for starting the day with a refreshing bath, while an exquisitely furnished room is perfect for reliving your day’s sightings in an immersive ambience.


The Eagle and Owl tents were named after the Spot Bellied Eagle and the Owl respectively. These tents are perfect to connect with nature since they provide a breathtaking view of the jungle, which intensifies the feeling of closeness with the natural world. Both these tents comes with its very own plunge pool. Furthermore, the owl tent also comes with its very own private bath tub.


These tents were names after Yala’s most famous leopard “Hamu” and the Sloth Bear. Our Deluxe Tents are named after these wildlife species where they convey a sense of charm and tranquility while abiding to an unmistakable culture of elegance. These tents are equipped with the basic amenities in terms of comfort, such as bathroom utilities and coffee/tea making facilities.